Published: Mon, December 21, 2015
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19 students barred from boarding US-bound Air India flight

19 students barred from boarding US-bound Air India flight

19 of these, another group of pupils, were halted by Air India from going for a trip from Hyderabad to Bay Area despite the fact that they'd visas. They also questioned the authenticity of the email, stating that it had neither an authorized signatory nor a stamp of the United States government.

"So far, 14 students who travelled on Air India flights to San Francisco have been deported".

Air India barred 19 students from boarding its flight to the U.S. on the grounds that the two universities in which they had secured admission are under "scrutiny" of American authorities.

As per the reports, the airline staff had received a mail from their sales team which stated that the two universities- Silicon Valley University in San Jose and Northwestern Polytechnic University in Fremont- are black listed.

The 14 who have been deported arrived using the term "suspended" placed across their passport in red today, in Delhi. "We have nothing to do with the issue", he said.

"It was hard to raise 2-3 lakhs for a USA university. By preventing them from flying, we spared them the torture of being sent back to India", the spokesperson in Hyderabad told The Hindu. Today I've been destroyed publicly. "How will the blemish go from my passport?" he asked.

Since he noticed on the site that hundreds analyzed there Deepak find the Silicon Valley College.

"I gave my work to review in America up. My dreams, my parents' hard-earned money, one whole year are all gone", said 22-year-old Bharat, the son of a farmer in Hyderabad.

An air travel that could have marked a new beginning in the academic careers of 19 city students ended in disappointment on the night of December 19 as Air India refused to board them on its flight that was scheduled to depart at 9 pm.

The airline says it is following the advice of the US Customs and Border Protection and Immigration. Why this type of notice hasn't originated from the foreign ministry it's unclear. "Please inform all your staff and care to be taken while issuing the tickets". Students travel on a One Way ticket to U.S. and in the event of deportation, the student incurs huge expenditure to buy a ticket back to India on first available service.


However, the universities have issued a clarification that they are not black listed by US Government on their websites.

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