Published: Mon, December 21, 2015
Business | By Max Garcia

After solid debate performance, Marco Rubio continues Iowa campaign schedule

After solid debate performance, Marco Rubio continues Iowa campaign schedule

In Iowa and elsewhere, Rubio's support for legalization still lingers in the minds of many conservatives. John Kasich, who was scheduled to campaign in Ankeny later Wednesday, is the other. Campaign spokesman Joe Pounder said, "After the last few days, the only one who might have gotten bluffed by Sen. I think Chris Christie emerged from that". I think he's trustworthy.

"I just think what Rubio has done on immigration is one of the worst, worst machinations in politics that I've ever seen", Reid said in a Thursday interview with Washington Post reporters. "The reality is this: two-thirds of voters haven't made a decision, they won't make a decision until the final week, 25% of New Hampshire voters don't make a decision until the final day".

"Immigration is not an issue that I read's an issue I've lived around my whole life". "A leader that can bring us together".

The Senate bill passed with 14 Republicans joining all 52 Democrats before being ignored by the Republican-led House. Freise, a veteran, said he likes Rubio's thoughts on the military and fixing the veterans' health-care system.

He spoke as if the debate was not yet over.

"Here's what we learned in 2013: The American people don't trust the federal government to enforce our immigration laws, and we will not be able to do anything on immigration until we first prove to the American people that illegal immigration is under control", he said, in a carefully crafted explanation of his evolution. He did both in the previous night's debate.

Rubio's view was more in line with both the Bush and Obama administrations' calls for backing the spread of democracy in the Middle East. He argued that Assad's iron grip on power in Syria has allowed the Islamic State to thrive and said he "will not shed a tear" if he is pushed from power.

Rubio reminded the audience of Cruz's comment that as president he would bomb Middle East terrorist groups so relentlessly that he would find out if sand glows in the dark.

Asked about Florida's much lower-profile U.S. Senate race, 55 percent predicted Republicans would hold the seat being vacated by Rubio and 45 percent said a Democrat would win it. "You need the capability to do it with, and we're losing that capability".

Cruz, who said he was "all-in in Nevada", also criticized Rubio for running what Cruz called "media campaign" that was light on field organization.

"How are you going to make the sands of the Middle East glow if you don't have the Air Force to do it with", Rubio said. Bush fought back with gusto at the debate, and the well-funded Super PAC that supports him, Right To Rise, released a television ad on Thursday that described the former Florida governor as "the one candidate tough enough to take on the bully". "You need the capability".

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