Published: Mon, December 21, 2015
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

Microsoft Xbox One Cloud Available in all Games Including PS4 Exclusives

Microsoft Xbox One Cloud Available in all Games Including PS4 Exclusives

Since Azure belongs to Microsoft, it was assumed that its services will only be available to Microsoft platforms (Xbox and Windows PC). Game Spot reported that when he was asked about updates for the upcoming "Titanfall 2", for instance, he said that he'd "hate to see the franchise lose out on Azure Cloud computing and servers".

According to the Pure Xbox site, the cloud technology has given Microsoft's console an advantage over the competition.

In a message from Xbox head of gaming division, Phil Spencer, it seems that plans are now in place for all game developers to use the cloud technology to improve the gaming experience, as reported by Softpedia.

Azure is a cloud-based platform that allows developers to build, develop, and deploy software using data centers, which Microsoft manages. The sequel to "Titanfall" is expected to be offered on multiple platforms including the PS4.

Fans were eager to discuss backwards compatibility for the original Xbox as well with the Xbox chief, who noted it wouldn't be "easy" to figure out how achievements would work in that case.

Featuring the titles such as the new Halo: Reach, game and others that have been recently added to the ever-growing list of backward compatible games, more information about the recently added games can be found by jumping over to our previous post located here.

Xbox intends to release more titles on a monthly basis, although he is not willing to reveal any upcoming titles. Since November 12, gamers have collectively added 9 million hours to playing Xbox 360 games.

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