Published: Sun, January 24, 2016
U.S. | By Eddie Scott

Steven Avery letter: Truth will set me free

Steven Avery letter: Truth will set me free

On Jan. 13, Stachowski, who adamantly defended Avery in the series, said in an interview that she now believes Avery committed the murder because he abused her, even threatening to kill her by throwing a blow-dryer into the tub while she was taking a bath.

John Cameron used to work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation tackling cold cases, as well as being a police sergeant for a spell. In his letter, Avery wrote he is willing to grant an interview to that station, but he is not allowed.

"It was always about the setup". The interview starts at the 3.30 mark. And that man was executed in Dear Lodge Prison in Montana in 1957 for a murder that Edwards had actually done. Eventually, Edwards placed the body in a cabin, and the person being set up was convicted for the crime and executed by the authorities. But that does not mean we can or should ignore the actual (as opposed to figmental) evidence against Steven Avery.

Edwards was only convicted of five crimes in his lifetime: in 2010 he was finally charged with the murder of Billy Lavaco and Judy Straub in OH which dated back to 1977.

One piece of evidence that had the Making a Murderer audience crying foul was a vial of blood, which appeared to have been tampered with for the purposes of incriminating Avery.

Over the years, Avery and his family have written to WISN 12 News as he worked his way through the appeals process.

Steven Avery letter: Truth will set me free
Steven Avery letter: Truth will set me free

So, how has Cameron linked Edwards and Avery? A bill was going to be made in his name on Halloween Day of 2005, and Edwards chose to set him up, on Halloween, and it had to be Halloween - he had killed repeatedly on Halloween throughout his life, and during the timeframe that Steve Avery got framed, two of Mr Edwards' Halloween murders were playing out in court... Coincidently, Teresa Halbach went missing on Halloween.

Edwards is known to find victims or people to frame who have been spotlighted in the media.

Did someone get hold of a spare from someone close to Teresa and plant it there? Each one has complicated the picture painted in Murderer.

In a shocking twist of events, Avery went from a well-known exoneree in a sexual assault case to an accused killer, as prosecutors claimed that he murdered Halbach, a photographer who had come to his house on October 31, 2005, to photograph a van for Auto Trader magazine.


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