Published: Mon, February 01, 2016
Health | By Jay Jacobs

Hillary Clinton Campaign Meltdown: Top-Secret Emails 'Innocuous,' Should Be Released

Kirby also said for the first time that some emails between Clinton and President Obama have been located and will also be withheld from public release.

Freedom of Information Act lawsuits pressed by public integrity watchdog Judicial Watch has led to the release of thousands of documents, some of which have been produced under court order.

He said the documents have been marked as highly sensitive "at the request of the intelligence community because they contain a category of top secret information".

The announcement came three days before the Iowa caucuses, when the first votes are cast for the presidential nominations. The FBI launched an inquiry into the handling of sensitive information after classified information was found in some of the emails.

"I never emailed anything that was considered to be classified", Clinton, the Democratic front-runner, told Dubuque, Iowa KCRG Friday, maintaining that she wants the withheld e-Mails released.

Republican presidential contender Donald Trump says "many" senators will endorse his candidacy, "very soon".

Hillary Clinton did not talk about the escalating scandal over her emails at campaign events in Iowa Friday. Sanders, who is running neck-and-neck with Clinton in Iowa, said in a Democratic debate that the public was "sick" of hearing about the e-mails. Her aides also sent and received classified information. The documents, he said, originated in the state department's unclassified system before they ever reached Mrs Clinton and in at least one case, the emails appear to involve information from a published news article. A campaign statement said the development is an example of "bureaucratic infighting" over the degree of classification that should be placed on the emails and "over-classification run amok".

Sanders has dismissed the controversy over Clinton's emails, but Republican presidential candidates have regularly attacked Clinton's use of the unsecured email link for official business, with some contending she should be criminally charged for the possible security lapse.

The "extraordinary vetting oversight at the heart of the Clinton camp" is "bound to be seized upon by Mrs. Clinton's critics as evidence of the State Department's inadequate concern with security in Libya - a paucity that culminated in the horror of Benghazi", The Daily Mail wrote.

The State Department has recently released another batch of 5,500 pages of Clinton's personal emails from her time as secretary of state, raising the total pages released so far to over 40,000.

Then Rubio repeated a line he likes to use on the stump: "One of the first things Hillary Clinton will have to do as president is pardon herself".

The State Department said it had "upgraded" the classification of the emails at the request of the nation's intelligence agencies.

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