Published: Mon, February 15, 2016
Science | By Hubert Green

Aaron Gordon vs. Zach LaVine at NBA Slam Dunk Contest

Aaron Gordon vs. Zach LaVine at NBA Slam Dunk Contest

The Minnesota Timberwolves guard had never tried the dunk before. "In my personal opinion, man, we did some things that nobody else did", LaVine said when asked if it was the best dunk contest ever. LaVine was hyped as the favorite, the crowd reacted more to his dunks and the league seemed to push LaVine's achievements more, like calling his impressive between the legs dunk "from the foul line" when he had at least a foot beyond it when he started elevation.

In the first dunk-off, Gordon had teammate Elfrid Payton bounce an alley-oop softly off the backboard. All he did throughout the entire contest was post 50s.

No, unfortunately I did not see this on TV.

Zach LaVine performs a slam dunk during NBA All-Star Saturday night in Toronto. "People usually aren't that prepared to go up against you".

"Back-to-back years for Splash Brothers, it's pretty cool", Thompson said. Lavine focused on demonstrating his cartoonish hang time and wingspan, while Gordon would frequently summon Stuff the Magic Dragon (yes that is the Magic mascot's name) and a hover board to compliment the power he put into each of his slams.

Gordon and LaVine then proceeded to blow shit completely out of the water.

Gordon put a literal new spin on a Mailman classic. And then he used Elfrid Payton as prop to get the ball to hit the side of the backboard so he can throw it down with a double clutch reverse.

Aaron Gordon, Fourth Dunk How does one even begin to explain this? It's a shame Dikembe Mutombo, Tracy McGrady, and Julius Erving scored the dunk with 9s instead of 10s.

The reason the 1988 dunk contest has always been slightly overrated is that it lacked originality. Another 50 from the judges, making the sixth straight 50 in a row from these two, a first for the dunk contest. "Zach went through the legs, from the free throw line".

All in all, it was an wonderful dunk contest - the best in... forever.

He knows people might still talk about Jordan or Julius Erving, great dunkers of the past. In some ways, I agree. "Out of my first four dunks, I think potentially I could have won".

Earlier, Klay Thompson knocked off defending champion and Golden State Warriors team mate Stephen Curry and Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns to win the three-point contest after capping the final round by draining his last eight shots.

Just like last season.

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