Published: Wed, February 24, 2016
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

LG G4 and G5: Which Device Offers More Value for Money?

LG G4 and G5: Which Device Offers More Value for Money?

The LG G5 steps up its color reproduction and always-on game over the LG G4. That, along with a 5.3-inch AMOLED display features quad HD resolution and 554 ppi pixel density do make the whole device much more appealing. Then again, the camera on the iPhone 6s is pretty incredible; we can't wait to go fully head to head with both of these phones.

The Second Screen functions independently from the primary screen and can be used in an "always on" mode without affecting the battery backup. It will show you notifications as well as the time, saving you from having to constantly having to wake your phone just to know what time it is. If you're looking to quickly launch the camera application, a double tap of the volume down button, that is now on the side, will do the trick.

With publications like Forbes giving you at least five reasons that you should buy the LG G5, there are few things that are going to get in your way when it comes to upgrading your smartphone.

Both handsets run Google's Android platform, and unsurprisingly the LG G5 sports a newer version of the software than its predecessor.

The LG G5 comes at a tentative price tag of $599 and the iPhone 6s 16GB phone costs $649.

From its innovative dual-lens camera to its unique accessory slot and all the core features you'd expect from a flagship this is a phone that has it all, but does it all come together.

There's little difference in the two variants, except for the addition of an additional rear-facing battery that has a LG Cam Plus module.

The G5 also has a dual lens wide angle camera. The secondary 8-megapixel camera on the G5 can capture ultra-wide angle shots - think 135 degrees, or slightly more than we'd notice with our eyes.

LG let the cat out the bag on this one two weeks ago, when it announced a Quick Cover case for its next flagship phone that left a space in the casing where the time, date and incoming calls would appear. This allows you to plug in hardware expansions to augment the phone. The camera module adds another 1,200 mAh battery to augment the one you already insert into the G5.

There's also a change in the display department, with the LG G5 featuring a downsized 5.3-inch screen, which is smaller than the 5.5-inch offering on the LG G4.

The slightly smaller battery is a concern: The G5 will be faster than the G4 but may not last as long between charges. It's too early to say how its life will pan out, but LG claims that it uses power far more efficiently than the G4 or most other phones, which bodes well.

Marshmallow is rolling out to the G4, which will bring it more in line with the G5, but you're likely to get a better experience on the newer device. The G5's bottom bezel detaches from the body, letting you mount a microSD card and swap the empty battery for a fresh one, much like loading a magazine into a handgun. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth 4.2 and NFC. And this is a HUGE deal, for LG, for you and I, and for the rest of the mobile space.

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