Published: Wed, May 25, 2016
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Famous superstitions of online casino players

Famous superstitions of online casino players

Maybe it will shock you, but still, a lot of players playing in the online casino are very superstitious. Time is running but people still believe in something supernatural that can affect them.

Fans of gambling are particularly superstitious. Perhaps you will not see anywhere more non-standard behavior than in a real casino. Most of the superstitions seem incomprehensible and strange for others, but gamers are confident that if you follow these signs, omens, and superstitions, they will be able to attract good luck.

And don’t think that gamers in the casino online world do not use the same signs to attract the luck. You just can’t see them while you are standing on the other side of the screen.

Some of the rituals and superstitions in the casino appeared in the old days. Some of them even have justification.

It is weird but one thing is clear, players who like various omens and superstitions really win large sums of money, and they do so in spite of the laws of probability and mathematical expectation.


Players believe in talismans, amulets, and personal marks.

Lucky numbers

Many, almost all players have their lucky numbers. Typically, these numbers really mean something important for the player, for example, the date of the birth or date of his marriage or just a lucky number.

Some players on the eve of the game specifically seek out the signs that the universe can send them.

Many players also have a lucky bet that does not depend on the type of game. However, it is, in their opinion, bring good luck.

Successful game

Some of the players prefer exclusively those games where they are lucky. For example, slot machines are selected only five reel slots. And blackjack as the card game.

Amulets that bring luck

Many players prefer their own amulets. That may be the famous amulet bag Mojo (or its equivalent). However, it can be absolutely anything, as long as it brings good luck.

The most unusual amulet is dried paw of the rat. It is an Indian amulet on which gamers uttered various incantations before the game, for a good luck.


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