Published: Mon, June 20, 2016
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Wife Of Orlando Terrorist Is Now Missing

Wife Of Orlando Terrorist Is Now Missing

This undated file image shows Omar Mateen, who authorities say killed dozens of people inside the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Fla., on Sunday, June 12, 2016.

The family of Orlando killer Omar Mateen's spouse, Noor Salman, said their daughter "is completely innocent and [was] unaware of the attacks", adding that she doesn't understand "cause and effect".

Now, Salman has left the area where the couple lived, according to the Sun Sentinel.

Another student reported Mateen had asked if he would tell anyone if Mateen brought a gun to school.

Noor Zahi Salman and Seddique Mateen are blocked from traveling on commercial flights until federal officials discover if they had any role in the murder of 49 at the LGBTI Orlando, Florida establishment.

They have said she could face charges following accusations she knew about the shooting and was with Mateen when he bought the guns he used in his deadly rampage.

"The real muslims will never accept the filthy ways of the west", Mateen, a 29-year-old American-born Muslim, wrote on one of at least five Facebook accounts believed to be associated with him, according to the letter from Republican Sen. He also communicated with News 13 television and asked a producer if he knew anything about the shooting, and when the man said he did, Mateen said, "I am the shooter".

A grand jury is now weighing whether or not to charge Salman with a crime for withholding information from police about her husband's plans.

"It doesn't surprise me that he might be gay", she said.

The Florida Department of Corrections confirmed with ABC News that Mateen was employed during that period and that he was "involuntarily dismissed" during his enrollment at the Florida Corrections Academy at Indian River State College. A little over a week before the shooting, Johnson said, Mateen searched Facebook for "Baghdadi Speech". Mateen responded with, "Do you see what's happening?"

"She was always very positive, no matter what was going on", Frazier said.

Mateen had been on the FBI's radar twice before, Comey said earlier this week. "It's just total devastation", she said. "And it doesn't surprise me that he was leading two totally different lives and was in such deep conflict within himself".

The shooter's father has told news organizations his son grew upset over seeing two men kissing.

Mateen's wife has gone into seclusion. More than a thousand people attended a candle-light vigil in Berlin to show solidarity with the victims of the attack and their families. They whispered because they feared the gunman, who twice came back and fired his weapon, would return.

"I remember how the police officers would tell fast drivers to slow down in areas where I was walking to and from school", he wrote. "We were sitting down, and there was a huge puddle of blood". Orlando Regional Medical Center, which has treated most of those injured, said Friday that six people were still in critical condition after the shooting. Leiva was shot in the foot and leg.

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