Published: Tue, June 21, 2016
Science | By Hubert Green

Cops investigating after pig's head left outside Quebec City mosque

Cops investigating after pig's head left outside Quebec City mosque

A pig's head left outside a Quebec City mosque is the latest in a string of incidents pointing to a rising tide of Islamophobia in the provincial capital and across Quebec, says a prominent anti-discrimination advocate.

Labeaume says the Muslim community in the city is peaceful and is a part of Quebec society.

A member of the mosque discovered the item Sunday morning and notified police.

The head was wrapped up as a gift, with a card wishing Muslims "Bonne Appétit" [sic].

Yangui said there have been other similar incidents.

Quebec City Mayor Regis Labeaume is using the word "moron" to describe the perpetrator.

Speaking with reporters, he also praised the response by leaders of the targeted mosque.

"Politicians play on those fears, unfortunately", Bouazzi told Radio-Canada on Monday.

In November 2014, three of those mosques, including the one Yangui presides over, became the targets of xenophobic messages when a group plastered posters on their front doors that read "Islam hors de chez moi", or in English, "Islam out of my country". For the time being, they don't know if they should classify this as a hate crime or harassment. Doyon said police will take the mosque's footage and review it. "We have high-definition cameras. We will certainly find the person who did this", said the president of the center, Mohamed Yangui.



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