Published: Fri, July 08, 2016
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How ecommerce website design affect sales

How ecommerce website design affect sales

Every e-commerce site has a bottom line, and that is to sell products to consumers through the internet. As a matter of fact, there are a billion live sites on the internet today, and all these have a unique layout as well as style. 

E-commerce web designers constantly tweak their styles to bring in more sales. That is because they have realized, through research and scientific proof, that e-commerce websites design has a direct influence on sales. 

But how exactly is this happening? 

Web design solutions California: this is what is happening 


Structured pages are pages that make sense to visitors. For instance, if you have a product section, you could include a link directly below it which talks about how to get those products. However, what you wouldn’t do here is to have another sub-page below it discussing how your e-commerce site came into existence. 

In other words, if your site’s structure doesn’t seem logical, it will only serve as confusion for your visitors, thus impacting on sales. This is a guarantee that most of these visitors will give up on your store and look elsewhere! 


E-commerce site owners will need to have some page that prompts visitors to take action. This is what is known as call-to-action, and it must be gotten right since its one factor that will influence sales. 

If a visitor is on a product page for instance, you can add a call-to-action by including an option for adding that product to their shopping cart. They might purchase that product afterwards. Another good example would be adding your contact details in a strategic place on the page so that prospects can reach you with questions. 

Call-to-action should be positioned at an obvious place such as on top of the page or at the end of a very short paragraph. 

Device compatibility 

Some years ago, the internet could only be accessed using a computer. Today, the consumption of the internet through mobile device is overtaking that of desktops. 

It is quite obvious that lack of compatibility with devices will see you losing on potential sales. This is why current website designs now have the ability to resize content and structure on the fly.

And if they are using a smaller screen, the content should be laid out in a different style so that it’s easy to read. If you let them zoom into your page, you stand a chance of losing them. 


Content that isn’t readable will put off your visitors, plus they won’t hesitate to look elsewhere. Assuming the description section of your products isn’t legible or readable; do you think they will strain their eyes trying to figure out what is what when there are countless options out there? It is not likely. 


Site design influences sales directly. It is hard to ignore these elements nowadays, especially with all the proof is available out there. The worst mistake e-commerce site owners could do is creating a site that appeals to them and not their audience. Although it is never easy to identify a site that shall convert well out of the box, it is also the reason why people test and test to find out what works. 


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