Published: Tue, July 26, 2016
Sports | By Nelson Rowe

Sports betting business in New Zealand

Sports betting business in New Zealand

How to become a lucky one and to gamble successfully? Online casinos, live casinos, sport betting, lotto all these activity may make one a millionaire.

Unlicensed betting and its consequences

New Zealand is a paradise for tourists but the main attraction for locals to enjoy themselves is still gambling. Locals and visitors are trying their luck in best online casinos and sports betting with the hope of winning some money.  One of the fastest growing domains of gambling industry in New Zealand is the latter. It is difficult to find any accurate statistics concerning this kind of gambling as majority it is going through non-licensed organizations but approx. number of annual worldwide turnover is at least NZ$ 1430 billion. Its popularity means more money for sporting bodies and that leads to soccer, tennis, rugby and other sports being affected by match-fixing.

Another reason for it being so popular is availability of online gambling and with the help of smartphones and other gadgets it is possible to make any kind of bets online.

But there are a lot of various options to entertain oneself with the help of licensed online casinos that are of great popularity among locals. Auckland online casino list will give a chance everyone to play, to win and to enjoy one's leisure without breaking any law. Availability of license means that you will be able to receive your winning money and won't become a victim of fraud. 

In sports gambling individuals are able to bet on various features of an event like the first scorer or the number of scores. Soccer is the most alluring sport event that attracts 65% of lovers of this activity in the world. The second and third places go to tennis and cricket with 12%. Australian rugby league is also being tarnished by betting. 

The largest parts of unlicensed betting organizations are located in Asia, in New Zealand all this activity is processed by TAB (Totalizator Agency Board). There you can find out all sports results. In some parts of Australia one can enjoy live sport coverage via Radio Tab.

For the 2015 the revenue form this activity comprised from: $57 million for rugby, $81 million for basketball, $53 million for cricket, tennis - $ 44 million and other sports gathered $52 million. 

A Working group was established last year by The New Zealand Government to take care of unregulated offshore sports betting as it becoming a real problem due to a rapid growth and creates such troubles as: legal organizations receive less income from it, and it is harder to catch match-fixers if they bet via offshore agencies.

This activity is getting more and more popular with each year and brings a huge revenue. But at the same time big amount of offshore betting organizations lessen the income of  New Zealand Government. 

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