Published: Thu, August 11, 2016
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Curious stories from gamblers

Curious stories from gamblers

The 79-year-old fan of the lottery from Danbury, who was buying a ticket all his life, once won a big jackpot. The irony is that he bought the winning ticket on the day of his death, as he had a heart attack while working in the garden. His wife has found out about 10-million prize of her husband, a month after his death and noted that perhaps she will buy a car on this money or spend it at the live casino, playing online live roulette. And maybe she will double the money in memory of her husband.

British police detained a group of swindlers who tricked the casino and received more than 1 million pounds. According to law enforcement, in their "work" they used a special device disguised as a cell phone capable of detecting the falling numbers on the roulette wheel and calculate the hole in which the ball will be. According to the police, probability of winning against the casino was increased by 6 times because of this technique. It would have never happened in the casino live online. The programs there were made to work without any mistakes. If something will be wrong there, owners of the web site will be able to fix the problem very soon.

Once upon a time in America, beavers built a dam, using hundred-dollar bills. And it is not a fairy tale. Animals just found in the forest a bag full of money, which they used as they could. Police say that in the bag was 75 thousand dollars. The money was hidden in the woods by a female guard of one of the casino. She tricked the building security cameras and robbed institution. She told to the casino management and the police that she was forced to give the money to a criminal, threatened her with a gun.

One resident of America has won four of the eight cars, enacted in a live casino. She got two trucks, as well as Mercedes and Lexus. The woman still does not believe in her luck, and casino employees said that after she won the second car, they started to watch her very carefully, and made sure it was played fairly.

In live casino you can meet a lot of such stories as well, however, only online gamblers can tell them to you.

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