Published: Wed, August 31, 2016
Sports | By Nelson Rowe

Alberto Del Rio Reportedly Finished With WWE

Alberto Del Rio Reportedly Finished With WWE

As noted, Alberto Del Rio reportedly has an out-clause in his contract with WWE and could be on his way out of the company in September. Del Rio has been unhappy with his position in the company for several months now as he has found himself struggling in the mid-card becoming stale, which is why it should come as no real surprise that he has made a decision to leave. Despite a short run with the United States Championship Del Rio has offered few memorable moments and it is no surprise he has had enough. Dave Meltzer is reporting that the company has removed Del Rio from all WWE events, even those that are scheduled after his suspension ends.

With regards to Paige, she may not have the contract clause that Del Rio has to get out of WWE.

Stay tuned as the Alberto Del Rio and Paige WWE rumors and news will likely continue in the days ahead! The option to move on for Del Rio, who has already accomplished quite a bit during his WWE tenure, certainly sounds like a very appealing one given the current circumstances. He would be returning to his fellow WWE alumni such as John Morrison and Rey Mysterio.

The timing is interesting given that Del Rio had given his notice several weeks earlier, in late June. Back in August of 2014, Del Rio was sacked from WWE due to "unprofessional conduct".

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