Published: Wed, August 31, 2016
Sports | By Nelson Rowe

How Usain Bolt achieved the 'threepeat' at the Rio Olympics

How Usain Bolt achieved the 'threepeat' at the Rio Olympics

Bolt had earlier defended his 100 and 200 metres championships that he won in Beijing and London Olympics. The relay race gave Bolt the Triple-Triple record that he set for himself on coming to Rio. "I think this is the last one". His victories also put him into another rare group, making him one of only three athletes to ever earn 9 gold medals along with American Carl Lewis and Finnish Paavo Nurmi.

Usian Bolt's post from April: "President And First Lady". He is expected to now hang his "golden" spikes. I have worked hard in every Olympics.

"I would hope he'll settle down, get married and start his family", Jennifer Bolt recently told CNN's Don Riddell.

Winning gold again: Usain Bolt. "There you go, I'm the greatest", said Bolt.Some call him Immortal, some Incredible but the fact remains as an audience, it was an honour to witness the great Jamaican sprinting and breaking records.A unusual fact states that if Bolt kept running at his fastest speed from Earth all the way through space to the moon, he would get there in 9,713 hours.

"He's trying to get everyone to love because. he has gotten a lot of love".

"You don't talk about my 200 meters like that", Bolt said.

There have been more adorable, cheeky antics in Rio.

Reflecting on the fact that Rio 2016 was his final Olympic Games, Bolt told Brazilian television he had mixed emotions and thanked Brazilians for their support.

Moments like this have helped Bolt transcend his sport. But the "Baltimore Bullet" had a change of heart in 2014 and announced his decision to come out of retirement to have one more go at glory at the Rio Games.

Bolt has deals with Puma, Nissan (NSANF), Hublot, Visa (V), Virgin Media and Japan's All Nippon Airways.

Gatorade named a drink after him, and he even has his own emoji. Some Jamaican kid with the improbably awesome name of "Bolt" was in the Big Apple, not so much to announce his presence to the world, but to figure out who he was.

He already gifts a chunk of his earnings through his Jamaica-based foundation, which aims to help kids. He's provided the school with track and field equipment since he signed with Puma in 2002. He's certainly done his part to bring glory to Jamaica and to track & field around the world.

Four years later he did the same again at the London 2012 Games and was equally humble about his victory, saying: "I'm now a legend".

While the 60,000-seat facility was never full, the crowds were largest on nights when Usain Bolt was racing, and notably empty when he was absent.

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