Published: Thu, September 01, 2016
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

'Pokemon Sun & Moon' Leaks: Alolan Rattata & 'Snorlium Z' Snorlax Revealed

'Pokemon Sun & Moon' Leaks: Alolan Rattata & 'Snorlium Z' Snorlax Revealed

The widely anticipated Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will be releasing later this year and during a new Nintendo Direct on Thursday, new details were revealed about the game that should get the fans very excited.

Check back here next week for all the details on Sun and Moon! There's no word if the bundle or something similar will make its way to the United States, as of yet.

It should be noted that the Alolan Rattata and Raticate were allegedly leaked several months ago along with art of the Alolan starters' evolved forms.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are due out for 3DS on November 18 in North America and November 23 in Europe. You can view the direct tomorrow live on Nintendo's site.

There are three new rumored Pokemons that are going to be available in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon". The leak, first reported by 4Chan, was taken down later.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" leak now suggests that the games will be exclusive to Japan.

According to the report, Loboxter, Dulfrost and Uhaku are the three new Pokemons in the upcoming "Pokemon Sun and Moon".

PokeJungle reported that Loboxter, Dulfrost and Uhaku could be unveiled at Nintendo Direct. Loboxter, a Fighting-type Pokemon, is believed to be a counterpart of Crabcrawler. Loboxter is a fighting type Pokemon. Dulfrost looks pretty neat as it's basically based on a snowman with buttons for eyes.

The games "Pokemon Sun and Moon" will be released with two different sets of Pokemons. The phases of the moon are rumored to affect eight evolutions of Rockruf. Presumably, it will come through whatever the game's mystery gift/download function is, as most free Pokemon do.

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