Published: Thu, September 01, 2016
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

Sony announces September lineup of free PlayStation Plus games

Sony announces September lineup of free PlayStation Plus games

If the mellow experience of Journey doesn't do much for you, the punishing action RPG Lords of the Fallen may hold your attention a little better. For $49.99/year, you gain access to online multiplayer, exclusive sales on the PlayStation Store, and free games for PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4! Journey, for example, is listed as a PS4 Plus title, but you can download it on your PS3, too.

First off, as numerous aforementioned gamers already noted, with "Watch Dogs 2" already set to arrive soon - November 15 to be exact - Ubisoft can generate a fair bit of buzz for the sequel by signing off on it being included in September's collection of PlayStation Plus titles. Starting September 22, Sony will raise the price of PlayStation Plus for the first time, to $59.99/year. Journey was one of the best games to come out in 2012, and has won several awards.

With PlayStation Meeting being held on the 7, September is a huge month for both Sony and its fans.

Next up is Lords of the Fallen.

Also for the PS3 this September is the epic adventure, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands and eerie mystery title Datura, where players must interact with their surroundings and solve puzzles. Next, plug your DualShock 4, or the wireless adaptor, into your PC and choose which games you want to stream. That's a pretty fair price for the two controllers, making it an ideal option for those that didn't manage to pre-order the PS VR launch bundle which included two Moves, a camera and a copy of PlayStation VR Worlds.

Also, reported that the PlayStation Universe clarified that rumor about the request of game developer OPQM. In the game, players portray a character who lost her memories. However, it does not follow that it will be free for PS Plus subscribers.

In related news, recently another report regarding PlayStation 4 Slim's WiFi surfaces. It received a remaster for the PlayStation 4 in July 2015 that only added to the game's lovely minimalist art style.

Regardless of any wonky launch issues, it's nice to see Sony embracing the Windows platform, and we're interested in seeing where this goes in the future.

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