Published: Thu, October 20, 2016
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Voiptime Cloud to release a Cloud Contact Center Solution for Telemarketing

Voiptime Cloud to release a Cloud Contact Center Solution for Telemarketing

The aim of the system is to enable call center agents to sell products more efficiently, conduct telemarketing research, complete surveys, and solicit donations.

October 12, 2016, Voiptime Cloud, IT solutions developer for call centers, announced the upcoming release of Cloud Call Center Solution  for Telemarketing.

Telemarketing is not easy. Many customers do not answer the phone or may drop the call as soon as they discover that it is made by a call center agent. The new cloud solution will help to deal with two biggest challenges of call centers: to lower cost per lead and to improve agent efficiency by decreasing idle time.

The modern Voiptime Cloud Call Center Solution will contain a smart lead management system as well as 4 powerful dialing modes: Predictive, Power, Progressive, and Preview, thus covering different call center tasks.

With the Voiptime best cloud contact center, leads may be dialed automatically and the call will be forwarded to the agent only when the customer answers. It will save agents time and will help them to concentrate on closing deals, not hunting for leads.

The mission of the new solution, designed by Voiptime Cloud, is to:

● Shorten call time by providing information about identified client interaction history;

● Increase revenue by making agents more efficient;

● Decrease the cost of lead management;

● Increase call center productivity;

● Eliminate maintenance costs and upkeep;

● The powerful dialer will enable the agent to use SIP numbers for cheep telecom and will have an easy and free set-up.

The Voiptime Solution is an online-based system. It makes call centers more mobile, enabling agents to work from home while managers continue to track quality. The system is very easy to use. New agents do not need significant training time in order to start working. This is very important for call centers, where staff turnover is usually high.

Key Voiptime Cloud features that will help your call center move to the top:

● 4 dialing modes;

● Lead Management System;

● Call Monitoring;

● Call Recording;

● Real-time and Historical Analytics;

● E-mail Integrations;

● SIP Numbers;

● Scripts;

● Blacklists;

● Flexible agent roles and permissions;

● Filters.

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