Published: Thu, October 27, 2016
Sports | By Nelson Rowe

San Antonio Spurs Bury Golden State Warriors

San Antonio Spurs Bury Golden State Warriors

With all the hype surrounding the Golden State Warriors, no one saw the results of their NBA regular season opener coming. Remember, the Golden State Warriors are a team primarily known for their star power. Looking at the NBA betting picks, no one really expected them to lose.

That isn’t to say that the Warriors are perceived as being invincible; but for this season opener, they were definitely the favorites to win. However, Warriors fans were disappointed by the performance of the San Antonio Spurs who quickly put the Warriors in their place.

And some of the success the Spurs saw that night can probably be imputed to the performance of Patty Mills, an Australian Point Guard whose three-point blitz helped bury the warriors in a game that should set the pace for the rest of the season.

The Warriors have made a number of relatively controversial choices in their efforts to assemble their team of stars and legends, and one such decision was offloading veteran Australian center Andrew Bogut.

Andrew provided passing and rim protection and he would have definitely boosted the Warriors’ strength; however, they chose to cast him aside in order to clear the salary space for Durant.

With Durant finally coming onboard, everyone thought the Warriors would be an unstoppable force, especially with Klay Thomson, Steph Curry and Draymond Green playing alongside Durant on the court. 

However, the combined efforts of these stars paled in comparison to the machine-like performance of the Spurs. And it should be noted that the Spurs had every reason to falter in this game, what with the absence of Tim Duncan for the first time in 19 seasons.

Duncan chose to retire at the end of last season despite protests from his adoring fans, and yet the Spurs still delivered. The Spurs have a youthful team that is abounding with energy and which is only going to get better with the passing of time.

Mills really stood out; he sank 2 of his 3 three-pointers at the very beginning of the fourth quarter, his skills allowing the Spurs to extend their lead. They quickly killed the Warriors’ momentum and fans could clearly see where things were headed.

The Spurs looked like the unstoppable force in a match that should have seen them crumbling at the feet of the Warriors; instead, the roles looked like they had been reversed. 

Spurs players exceeded expectations. Jonathan Simmons garnered 20 points once he left the bench; more importantly, he acted as a nearly impenetrable block for Steph Curry and that only piled the pressure on for the Warriors, complicating their efforts to make a comeback.

This loss matters to the Warriors. This is the same team that broke NBA records in 2015 when they garnered 73 wins; sure, they lost to Cleveland at the end but their season, and the fact that they won their first two dozen games, was something to behold. 

No one believes that this loss will cast the Warriors so far down that they will struggle to get back up. However, one cannot deny the fact that this loss probably shocked and devastated them. A star-studded roster like that just has no business losing.

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