Published: Sun, December 04, 2016
Health | By Jay Jacobs

Hillary Clinton lost Pennsylvania by just 46000 votes, latest figures show

This proposal comes after Hillary Clinton [official profile] won the popular vote by at least 2.5 million [Time report], but lost the electoral college and presidency to Donald Trump [official profile]. "If they all vote the way their states voted, Donald Trump will win", Daniel Brezenoff, organizer of the petition, wrote. But leaving that aside, Trump didn't win in a landslide in Electoral College votes either. Jill Stein is leading the charge to recount the vote in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. It is not expected that Trump will lose the vote, as he won the majority of electors - more than 300 of the 538.

It's time to abolish the electoral college. We have Constitutional amendments that guarantee the right of all citizens to vote regardless of race, gender and age for citizens who are 18 years of age and older, as well as an amendment to empower citizens to directly elect U.S. Senators.

The reason the Electoral College was established, rather than just providing for the direct election of the president, was that most of the nation's founders were actually rather afraid of democracy. Electors are not legally bound to respect their pledges in most states and only two states have laws that would punish electors for changing their vote.

They'd have to decide soon because the Electoral College meets in each state capital on December 19 to cast those votes. Faithless electors are popping up from Washington state to Texas. If this had been a popular vote campaign it would have looked very different.

Hillary Clinton is looking for volunteers to help with the general election recount in two states.

Electors are chosen by party officials and are typically the party's most loyal members.

Despite losing the crucial electoral college tally 232 to Mr. Trump's 306 and conceding after the November 8 polling day, Ms. Clinton is leading the way in the popular vote, the Independent reports. There have been instances of electors not voting for the candidate they're pledged to, but none have affected the outcome of a U.S. presidential election, according to, a nonpartisan project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center.

The electors incorporated as a nonprofit in Colorado this week, led by Micheal Baca, one of their members from that state.

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