Published: Mon, December 05, 2016
Sports | By Nelson Rowe

Goldberg destroys Brock Lesnar in two-minute squash match at Survivor Series

Goldberg destroys Brock Lesnar in two-minute squash match at Survivor Series

It certainly has been quite the wield week in the world of WWE and it was all taken up another notch on Monday night when Goldberg announced that he would be taking part in the upcoming Royal Rumble match. However, the 49-year-old superstar said he was confronted backstage by Stephanie McMahon in an interesting exchange.

With that said, WWE fans might remember that the two had their first-ever fracas way back in 2004 during "WrestleMania 20" in which the match went in favor of Goldberg. Even if the show remains a live event, fans of professional wrestling in Buffalo should have a good time watching Brock Lesnar suplex a lower-mid-carder for twenty minutes straight.

There are many ways the WWE can take the story because as Taz says, "Goldberg has his number". More importantly, the buildup of a dominant Lesnar for the last 4 years was put to rest with this triumphant win. Goldberg had a pinfall victory after he delivered his signature Jackhammer finisher and squashed Lesnar in what was supposed to be his last fight. An officer summoned him with a knock on the door, and then several officers helped escort the risky wrestler out to the ring. Lesnar is also an option, especially if they don't wrestle at the Royal Rumble.

Have you been wondering how to watch WWE Survivor Series online? Now, the feud appears to have legs as Sunday's rematch could prove to be the launching point toward a third meeting in the near future, whether that be the Royal Rumble in January or WrestleMania 33 in April. Or, theoretically, if Bill Goldberg is booked in the actual over-the-top-rope free-for-all itself, the Beast Incarnate may have to wait until "WrestleMania 33" to exact his revenge. After Survivor Series, we learned that Goldberg will be sticking around until at least the Royal Rumble. Miz has held the title for most of the time and it makes sense to have the title on SmackDown Live itself instead of moving to RAW. Lesnar doesn't need to be in a match with him but someone like Rusev or Big Cass could use the rub. Anything is possible within WWE, though. The return of Goldberg was also something to behold, regardless of what fans felt about it.

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