Published: Wed, December 07, 2016
U.S. | By Eddie Scott

Man who harassed off-Muslim police officer arrested, NYPD says

Man who harassed off-Muslim police officer arrested, NYPD says

The alleged incident is among a growing number of reported bias cases against Muslim Americans following Donald Trump's election last month. "I want to thank my Muslim officers for standing by my side", Elsokary said at Monday's press conference. She then stepped in - and the man allegedly called her "ISIS" and threatened to slit her throat before running off. "For my sisters out there, you're not alone. I don't need to recount what happened for a year and a half in this country".

On Monday, Borough President Eric Adams and members of the NYPD Muslim Officers Society stood with Elsokary at Borough Hall to urge the public to assist with the apprehension of the suspect responsible for hate crimes.

Commissioner O'Neill said that in 2014, Eloskary, an 11-year veteran who works in the 90th Precinct in Williamsburg, ran into a burning building to rescue a young girl and her grandmother. When she returned, she found Nelson shoving and yelling at her son.

Cops caught up to Nelson on Sunday, and he was held on $50,000 bail at his arraignment today. Nelson's neighbors told CBS that they were shocked by the allegations against him.

"I'm very surprised", neighbor Linda Rasport said.

"We are disturbed and shocked that Officer Elsokary and her son were subjected to apparent hate-fueled threats and bigotry", said Evan Bernstein, New York Regional director. The incident made Mayor de Blasio "sick to [his] stomach".

"We can't allow this", the mayor said. "Well, this is Officer Elsakary's country".

In a similar incident last week, three men tried assaulting a Muslim woman on the 23rd Street subway station in NY. She's already at home. NY has seen a recent wave of incidents on the city's mass transit system.

Police Commissioner James O'Neill gives the keynote address
Police Commissioner James O’Neill gives the keynote address

On Monday, the mayor of NY praised her service to the city.

"I'm born and raised here and I'm here to protect you, and I know that my department and my city is here to protect me".

On Sunday, New York State Senator Kirsten Gillibrand called for a further $5million (£3.93million) in funding to protect religious institutions and community centers.

The NYPD says hate crimes have gone up in the city. That's what 34-year-old Aml Elsokary faced last week (Dec. 3).

De Blasio was asked Monday if he blames President-Elect Donald Trump directly for the increase. He said disgusting things about Muslims, awful things about Mexican Americans. Also, a Muslim student's hijab was allegedly ripped off and her hair pulled down by a classmate at a school in Minnesota.

The Democratic governor, an ally of Trump s opponent Hillary Clinton, said hate crimes would be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible.

An off-duty Muslim NYC transit employee was assaulted on Monday at Grand Central Terminal. "She serves this city", de Blasio said.

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