Published: Sat, December 10, 2016
World | By Paul Elliott

8 magnitude 'quake strikes off Northern California coast - USGS

8 magnitude 'quake strikes off Northern California coast - USGS

The area near Ferndale had a 4.3 magnitude natural disaster right on the coastline on Monday, according to the USGS.

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) is reporting a natural disaster off the coast of California.

Light shaking was felt as far south as San Francisco. "We're on the second floor of a building built in the 1800s, so we feel everything - we can feel a truck driving by".

The National Tsunami Center reported via social media that there was no danger of a tsunami. Some residents said they were rattled from their sleep. Others expressed concern about a possible tsunami.

As chance would have it, it's a small city, with just over 1,300 residents and Ferndale's police chief happened to be having breakfast at the Ferndale Pie Company.

She said she knew of only one reported casualty, a 25-year-old with non-specific injuries.

She said that after the big jolt it felt for a moment like "you were on a boat" with the ground rolling under your feet.

The aftershocks, according to the USGS, struck at 8:32 and 8:33 a.m.

Bay Area Rapid Transit trains ran 10 minutes slower and at reduced speeds in San Francisco because of "seismic activity". The shudder off Eureka was felt from southern OR south into the Bay Area.

A strong 6.9-magnitude natural disaster struck Saturday off the Solomon Islands, one day after a major quake, but no tsunami threat was expected, officials said.

"So, this morning's quake was a very good reminder for us all that California is natural disaster country, where a damaging natural disaster can happen anytime - and we need to be prepared", he said.

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