Published: Thu, January 12, 2017
Business | By Max Garcia

Caught in an avalanche

Caught in an avalanche

A Whistler, B.C., snowboarder can thank his inflatable avalanche backpack for saving his life Wednesday.

Those wouldn't really be the words we would choose, but that's exactly how Adelaide snowboarder Tom Oye described his trip down a mountain in Whistler, Canada to his snow companion.

The 29-year-old from Australia posted the video to Facebook yesterday, which has at this point received millions of views.

Ten Eyewitness News report Oye was wearing an avalanche airbag backpack, which appears to have helped push the stricken snowboarder to the surface.

Throughout the video, you'll hear a unusual buzzing sound, and that's probably what saved Oye's life.

The backpack kept him from being buried, he says.

"The gods smiled down upon him".

"Having seen him come off motorbikes and that sort of thing, you know, you're a bit prepared I guess".

"That was a little scary", Oye concludes when his friend comes to the rescue.

"He's got quite a bit of form actually".

Ms Oye said it was not the first time her grandson had run into trouble in the snow, after he suffered a broken leg about 18 months ago.

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