Published: Sat, January 21, 2017
U.S. | By Eddie Scott

Palm Springs 'Fits the Bill' for Ex-President's Family Vacation

Palm Springs 'Fits the Bill' for Ex-President's Family Vacation

It was not just Obama who suffered a delay to his holiday, but a few dozen supporters were left disappointed as they waited along the streets near Palm Springs International Airport to catch a glimpse of the former president upon his arrival on a SAM 28000 (Special Air Mission) plane.

The only sign that something out of the ordinary would be occurring Friday was the line of cable news trucks lining the fence of the airport, beginning their vigil before 11 a.m. No extra security measures could be seen outside the gates in on the surrounding streets and no police officers were seen patrolling the areas as in times past. But they may not get to do that on this trip as more rain is expected Sunday.

The Desert Sun reported that Obama and the former-First Lady arrived in Rancho Mirage at about 8 p.m. Anyone coming in or out of the property will face restrictions, according to TMZ, with security planning to keep the number of visitors to a minimum and to check IDs.

Weather has put a snag in Former President Barack Obama's plans to vacation in Southern California.

Google Maps had appeared to update the address of Costos and Smith as "Obama's Palm Springs Hideaway".

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest had said the Obamas would make Palm Springs their first stop after leaving office.

Officials at Sunnylands, the "Camp David of the West", said they have not received any word regarding a potential visit to the estate, which has hosted eight presidents in the past, including Obama. Nolan said the city and the airport are "flattered" by the attention, especially being the first place Obama visits in the post-presidential chapter of his life.

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