Published: Mon, January 23, 2017
Culture | By Stewart Greene

Bella Hadid & Designer Riccardo Tisci Take a Steamy Photo!

Bella Hadid & Designer Riccardo Tisci Take a Steamy Photo!

Kendall Jenner wishes she could have attended one of the several Women's Marches on Saturday. She paired it with a sheer top and star-shaped pasties.

And of course, the next day she really took a page out of Bella's book, also opting for something similarly totally transparent.

Paris Fashion Week has officially kicked off, and on Friday, Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid stole the show while strutting their stuff on the runway for Givenchy.

The 21-year-old appeared to be in good spirits as she chatted with her rumoured boyfriend on a stroll around the French capital, which she is visiting for Paris Men's Fashion Week. She matched it with tight leggings, heels, fishnets and accessorized with a bag, sunglasses, and a simple chain.

While Jenner seems to be enjoying her off time while in Paris, she is in town to work.

Kendall is now in Paris for Haute Couture Fashion Week. She sported an outfit similar to this in her Vogue Japan stint in September 2015. Adriana Lima and Met Gala organizer Anna Wintour have also appeared on the set.

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