Published: Mon, January 23, 2017
Sports | By Nelson Rowe

Junior player disqualified after hitting ball into ball kid

Viviani was disqualified from the junior girls tournament at the Australian Open after she hit a ball kid with a ball in frustration on Sunday.

She immediately apologised but that wasn't enough to prevent the umpire from automatically disqualifying her from the match prompting her to leave the court in tears.

Maria Elena Camerin, head performance of the Under 18 Italian team, said: 'It's absurd, Maria Vittoria simply threw the ball behind, she didn't want to hit the ballboy at all'.

Showing frustration on the court is pretty standard for tennis players, but it ended badly for 17-year-old Italian player Maria Vittoria Viviani.

The impact was minimal, according to Italian media, and Viviani is seen apologising immediately to the ball kid.

While the court attendant was unharmed, the chair umpire took the drastic action of eliminating Viviani from the tournament.

Her opponent against Xin Yu Wang of China will now move into the second round where she will face top seed Rebeka Masarova.

A junior Italian tennis player was controversially disqualified from the opening round of the Australian Open for hitting a ball kid.

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