Published: Mon, January 23, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Trump is dismissive of women's marches but acknowledges right to protest

Saying that "We are transferring power from Washington, D.C., and giving back to you, the people", NY real estate mogul Donald Trump was sworn in as the nation's 45th president Friday.

He also took a dig at Trump after the violence he suffered, saying the president "said little about the assaults our people suffered at his rallies". They were later joined by Vice President Mike Pence and his wife, Karen, along with members of their families.

At one of those protest outside the National Press Club, the police had to use pepper spray to disperse people who had gathered against what it called "the Alt-Reich" outside "DeploraBall" inside the building. Protesters massed there to demonstrate against the "DeploraBall, " an event drawing some of the president-elect's most ardent supporters. Even here, however, we've questioned Trump's apparent disinterest in digging into USA intelligence allegations that Russian Federation meddled with the presidential contest in a bid to hand the blustery billionaire populist the upper hand.

Trump began his first address in office talking about the transfer of power, not simply from one man to another, and one political party to another, but as the transference of power to the people.

City police chief Peter Newsham said at least 217 people were arrested and would be held overnight before appearing in front of a judge.

Lacy MacAuley, a spokeswoman for the group, said it has been working with other organizations to plan "permitted" and "unpermitted" actions. "She knows about fashion, as a former model", Pierre said.

In a remarkable Inaugural address, the 70-year old showman railed against the U.S. establishment - including an array of former presidents and lawmakers from both parties - for not serving the American people adequately. Trump tweeted early Friday. "That's why we want to hear from you". "We believe cannabis legalization will create jobs, it will increase tax revenue, and it will also help fix the broken criminal justice" system.

This was demonstrably false and easily disputed with figures from Washington DC's public transportation system, and by quotes from United States Secret Servicemen, as well as painfully obvious comparisons between aerial images of Obama's and Trump's inauguration.

As for the bikers they will be sharing space with Friday, he said, "We hope some come on over and get a free joint". So did another antiwar and anti-racism group.

The group has thousands of signs ready to hand out.

The group have smashed vehicle and store windows, including the window of a branch of the Bank of America, as they march around the city. "January 20th will be remembered as they day the people become the rulers of this nation again".

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