Published: Tue, January 24, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Hillary Clinton Says The Women's March On Washington Brought Her Joy

Hillary Clinton Says The Women's March On Washington Brought Her Joy

Regardless of whether or not Clinton was trying to send a signal to women in the US, it's clear that women are paying close attention to Clinton for clues for what she has in store for the future, and probably will be for a long time.

For her part, Hillary Clinton branded Trump temperamentally unfit and too risky to be president, spending millions of dollars in negative advertising.

The former first lady wasn't the only target during the campaign.

Former presidents were in attendance to witness the event, including George W Bush and Bill Clinton. Had she resisted the urge to run again, and the chance to make history that went along with it, she could have retired into private life as a wealthy and legitimately historic woman, all the same.

One of those moments came when Anthony Weiner, her closest aide's husband, was caught texting half-naked pictures of himself to underage women, complete with photos of his own toddler.

Obviously the Clintons did nothing that would have created doubts in the minds of American voters.

President Donald Trump called for a standing ovation for his campaign rival, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, at an inaugural luncheon January 20 (video below). And she lost to a man who has no experience on any level of government. We'll update should she attend.

The Women's March on Washington no doubt owes a debt of gratitude to Hillary Clinton, but apparently not enough to name her an official honoree.

"There she is!" and "Look at her!" could be heard in the crowds thronging the Capitol grounds at the foot of the inauguration podium, but there were no boos or catcalls as Mrs. Clinton's face appeared on the screen.

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