Published: Tue, January 24, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

New Pokemon Game Gets A Surprise Release

New Pokemon Game Gets A Surprise Release

Android and iOS users can get their hands on another Pokemon game besides Pokemon Go from today.

It was released in Japan as Pokemon Comaster in 2016 but has only now been released in English.

In Pokemon Duel, players build a deck of Pokemon figures, trying to reach the goal of their opponent first. Pokemon Duel can be downloaded free of charge and while it features optional in-app purchases, players are able to experience the entire game without paying for anything. After assembling teams of six pocket monsters, players' creatures will do battle through a spinner-based combat system. Using in-game currency, you can unlock chests containing new Pokemon counters for use in battle.

Released a year ago in Japan as Pokemon Co-master, Pokemon Duel is a strategy title with board game inspired mechanics. These plates have various effects, including swapping positions of Pokemon in play and giving their Pokemon various battle enhancements for that turn. You can also purchase gems with real money, which makes up the game's microtransactions. The game was known as Pokemon Co-Master and was made in collaboration with a new Japanese company called Heroz.

If you're intrigued, head on over to the app store or the Google play store to download it for free.

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