Published: Wed, January 25, 2017
Culture | By Stewart Greene

Twin baby girls from IL born with different skin colors

Twin baby girls from IL born with different skin colors

The Illinois nine-month-olds are gaining attention after Meyer posted a picture of them to the Facebook page of local news station KHQA Monday; their story has since been picked up by outlets including People and Cosmopolitan.

When Whitney Meyer tells strangers that her infant daughters are twins, they never believe her.

When she saw her babies after her delivery, she was fantastic as there are so small possibilities of biracial twins to be born. So, they draw different combinations of genes from their parents. The twins appear to have inherited separate genes for skin color.

"The amusing thing is when they were born I thought Kalani was albino because she was so white". "But sure enough they're biracial twins".

However, it IS possible, which is why Kalani takes after her mom and Jarani inherited her dad's darker complexion. According to the BBC, a biracial couple who are expecting twins has about a one in 500 chance for the babies to have different skin colors.

"Kalani is wild and very energetic, while Jarani just likes to be cuddled!" says Meyer. "When we go out in public, people will start looking at them because I dress them identical and I can tell they're confused".

The birth of the twins is bittersweet for the couple who lost their two-year-old son, Pravyn, in a drowning accident two years ago.

"They are my miracle babies", Meyer said of her twins.

They pair also have an 7-year-old older brother.

"Kalani is our loud child", Meyer said. These differences are especially pronounced since the twins are biracial.

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