Published: Thu, January 26, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

7 Blazing VR Trends That Will Rock The World Of Virtual Reality In 2017

7 Blazing VR Trends That Will Rock The World Of Virtual Reality In 2017

Virtual Reality is marching on its conquest of Worlds with seven-mile steps. Humanity has justa chieved one of its age-old dreams and we are not willing to stop at the achieved as progress, as we all know, does not have breaks. Or fail safe measures.

For the best or for worse – we are now living in a world where VR apps exist and we’d better deal with this fact. The sooner the better.

Business dynamics

Businesses from all over the world, for instance, are rapidly embracing this new trend just like they’ve engaged with Big Data analysis a few years back. The gaming industry and online casinos are on the front row seats as of now. The best online casino currently has a nice VR room in the clouds with luxurious settings and a breathtaking view – talk about upping the game a notch.

This is only the beginning however as new trends and well as amazing business opportunities await.

What can we await from the realm of VR in 2017?

Here are the seven trends you should keep an eye out for whether for smart investment purposes or just for fun.


  • New generation of headsets. Google’s cardboard and the famous Oculus Rift have already set standards in affordable and premium tech niches. The world awaits for new headsets to conquer this blossoming market. Competition will rise, the prices will fall and who know what kind of tech will be announced by the end of this year?
  • New players are to enter the market. We haven’t heard anything from Apple or Intel yet but the rumor says it new tech demos will be exclusively VR-centric. The new iPhone, by the way, will probably launch a VR headset line instead of new experiments with earphones this year.
  • Better visuals and audio are not all it takes – tech will enhance in other aspects of human senses like eye-tracking mechanics, smell and touch. We already have cinemas with special effects from rain and thunder and to smells as well as vibrations. This tech will decrease in size and VR tech developers will enhance their products with it.
  • VR tech is no longer a novelty. It’s a “cool to own” tech right now and, within the first six month of 2017 it will ascend to a “must have” trend if the market will continue to grow at the same rate.
  • The Ultimate combo of both Unreal Engine and Unity tech will give birth to newer, better VR visuals for the masses while decreasing minimal system requirements at the same time.
  • Social activities will transform from simple likes on Facebook into actual VR presence conversations between people. That noted – we will have the ability to pick and re-design our digital avatar. How cool is that?


Perhaps this is not all what awaits us. Only time will tell!

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