Published: Mon, January 30, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Man killed in China tiger attack

Man killed in China tiger attack

The attack occurred around 2 the Tiger Hill enclosure in Ningbo Youngor Zoo, Xinhua news agency reported. Every time the victim sat up, he was pushed down by the tiger. The reports did not say how a victim ended up inside the tiger's enclosure.

One witness told the South China Morning Post: 'I saw the tiger mauling the person, whose face was covered with blood'.

As he approached them, the tigers launched at the man leaving him in agony as they sunk their paws into him.

The tigers were eventually driven away by firecrackers and a water cannon said a report in the Beijing Youth Daily, which added that the man was rushed to hospital but later died.

The attack had lasted for more than an hour and the man was seriously injured.

Shocking footage has been taken of a tourist who was attacked by three tigers as his wife and child witnessed the incident, and was then killed by the animals at the Ningbo Younger Zoo.

Investigators are reviewing security footage of the incident to determine what sparked the incident.

In July a year ago, a woman was killed by a tiger after jumping out of an auto in a Beijing animal park while trying to save her daughter from a tiger attack.

She was filmed on CCTV running to her daughter's aid after she was snatched by a tiger.

The mother tried to hit the beast in a bid to save her daughter but was attacked by two other tigers and mauled to death.

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