Published: Fri, February 03, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

Dramatic moment lion attacks tourist safari vehicle captured by dashcam

A year ago also a similar video had emerged when vehicles of visitors at Bannerghatta National Park n Bengaluru were attacked by three lions.

Lions attack the safari vehicle of the tourists in the Bannerghatta Biological Park in Bengaluru.

The video seems to have been shot by someone behind the auto. Thankfully no harm is done as the auto keeps slowly moving away and the lion is unable to stay on the vehicle.

An Innova is used in the park for those who pay higher fares for the tour, as it is a luxury auto.

After lions approaching an SUV in the safari was seen in September 2016, and also last week, zoo authorities have transferred the driver, Ramesh, out of the safari for "provoking" the animals for "thrills". After which the lion tries to climb by scratching on the rear glass, while the lioness crosses the vehicle calmly. Kumar explains: "The attack took place on January 28 or 29".

The driver quickly moves away with the lion walking along for a few paces, before giving up and dropping back down to all fours. The driver is clearly at fault. "We've removed him from safari duty", he told TOI.

Shocked and scared, justifiably so, one can clearly hear the frantic cries of the visitors from inside the auto. "This will ensure safety of animals as well as that of visitors", he added. If you see such videos, you will observe that lions don't attack the vehicle or people in it. Only when thought their prayers had come true, the lioness stops their vehicle from moving ahead.

Bannerghatta National Park in Bangalore has around 20 lions in the safari area. This is not the first time that a lion has attacked a safari vehicle.

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