Published: Thu, February 09, 2017
Culture | By Stewart Greene

TJ Maxx And Marshalls Remove Ivanka Trump's Fashion Line

TJ Maxx And Marshalls Remove Ivanka Trump's Fashion Line

She is a great person - always pushing me to do the right thing! But the White House isn't buying it.

A former White House ethics chief has said Donald Trump's tweeted complaints about how his daughter was "treated so unfairly" by a retailer amount to "an abuse of the office of the presidency".

On Thursday, Ivanka's brand was thrust again into the headlines after her father attacked department store chain Nordstrom Inc in a highly unusual move using a White House twitter platform to intervene in a commercial matter. "And so there is clearly an attempt for him to stand up for her because she is being maligned because they have a problem with his policies".

A spokesperson for Neiman Marcus, which operates 42 stores, said in a statement: "Neiman Marcus has a very small Ivanka Trump precious jewelry business which is comprised 100 percent of consigned merchandise (merchandise owned by the vendor)".

Keeping aside the impact of Trump's tweet to help renew the business relation between Ivanka and Nordstrom, it surely garnered criticism for Trump from every corner on using his Powers to endorse family businesses.

Earlier this week Nordstrom announced the retail giant will no longer sell Ivanka Trump brand products in stores, severing the previously held business relationship. "It's mafia-like." Eisen suggested that Nordstrom should sue under unfair competition laws that prohibit the type of behavior displayed in Trump's tweet.

Teen Vogue has reached out to Ivanka Trump's brand and T.J. Maxx and Marshalls for comment.

"We've got thousands of brands - more than 2,000 offered on the site alone", said a spokesperson for Nordstrom, which has almost 350 stores.

Nordstrom has defended its decision to drop Ivanka's wares, citing performance.

As of Wednesday, Neiman Marcus stopped carrying Ivanka Trump's merchandise while T. J. Maxx and Marshalls stopped featuring her products and discarded her signage. "He won. He's leading this country", Spicer continued.

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