Published: Mon, February 13, 2017
Culture | By Stewart Greene

Former ESPN Anchor Josh Elliott Fired From CBS, Escorted Out Of Building

Former ESPN Anchor Josh Elliott Fired From CBS, Escorted Out Of Building

Elliott was finally called to an early morning meeting February 13 with CBS News president David Rhodes and was sacked.

Allegedly, Elliott met with Laurie Orlando, CBS's head of talent, who told him that she wanted him to take on a larger position within the network.

Josh Elliott's time at CBS is over.

Neither CBS nor Josh Elliott has released statements. "We are grateful for his contributions over a year ago, and we wish him the very best in his future endeavors", CBS News told us in a statement.

Josh Elliott had served as CBSN's lead anchor for a year and gave an emotional farewell on air last Friday.

According to The New York Post, Elliott's departure came as a shock to CBS executives, none of whom had any idea he was planning to leave the digital station.

The network has not confirmed the freakish details behind Elliott's departure, but the network did release a statement in regard to Elliott being let go.

On Monday, three days after his unexpected announcement, Elliott was reportedly brought before CBS News President David Rhodes and sacked, then escorted out of the building.

Elliott, 45, previously worked as an ESPN panelist before joining ABC's Good Morning America in 2011.

Sources said to be close with Josh Elliott claim that his executive producer failed to notify higher-ups about his announcement.

A CBS spokesperson confirmed he was changing roles to Deadline last week.

It is alleged that the plan was for Elliott to pitch in with CBS Evening News and CBS This Morning while Charlie Rose recovered from heart surgery, but the full departure wasn't expected.

"Although knowing how things work around here, I may see you again on Monday morning", he said.

According to Mediaite, Elliott was in line for a promotion, but he spilled the beans without the head brass at CBS clearing him to do so. Eventually, he left GMA for other anchoring opportunities.

Elliott joined the CBS News Digital Streaming Service last spring.

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