Published: Thu, February 16, 2017
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Virtual casinos and user confidence factors

Virtual casinos and user confidence factors

To accurately measure the degree of players’ confidence to the virtual gambling establishments, the scientists took a special mathematical model, which is often used for the consumers of Internet shops. Through this model, it identified a number of factors that have a direct impact on users of virtual casinos:

- Human trust, recommendations from authoritative sources, the overall reputation and the best games like book of ra;

- Convenience of using the services offered by the club;

- Diversity, credibility, availability and reliability of the information on the company providing the service;

- Highly qualified customer service, quality of service and communication with the players.

Results of the study

Sociological studies conducted by anonymous questionnaires, posted on the Internet. The questionnaire consisted of 35 questions that were asked in the form of assertions. They were about the abstract gambling establishments. Consequently, it was possible to identify the main factors that directly affect the degree of user confidence.

The most important of them was the informational content - it has gained 35% of votes. The credibility of the casinos depends on how competently compiled information block on the site.

Relationship with customers was on the second place. Players highly evaluated twenty-four hours work of the customer support and communication with the club, responsiveness. In addition, there were very much appreciated and the fulfillment of the promises that were given to the representatives of the institution.

In third place was the virtual gambling establishment interface. A well-built structure information block on the site and ease of use greatly increased the level of credulity by players. It should be noted that the expression in a negative way and spelling errors on the site made an extremely negative impact on the attitude of users.

The researchers explained that the survey was made for players with extensive experience which are perfectly familiar with the mechanism of the organization in gambling entertainments. If studies were carried out among the newcomers, the result could be very different.


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