Published: Fri, March 10, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Flying Cars Debut in Dubai

Flying Cars Debut in Dubai

100 years ago no one would have ever believed that we are now able to harness the power of electricity. Last century if you said that we would be replacing candles with lightbulbs, people would most likely have called you crazy.

While some of these technological innovations have been more useful than others, it seems that Dubai is about to add another one to the list. Within months Dubai skies are set to be lit up with driverless flying cars, as announced by the emirate's Road and Transport Authority. This will mark another world's first for the city.

The flying car is an autonomous drone capable of carrying passengers far above the city's infamous traffic jams. The goal is to have the autonomous taxis in operation in the United Arab Emirates by mid-year, according to officials. Matta Al-Tayer, the transportation authority head, told the Times: "The autonomous aerial vehicle exhibited at the World Government Summit is not just a model, we have already experimented (with) the vehicle in the Dubai sky."

This particular model can travel 62 miles an hour at the height of 984 feet and, regarding safety conditions, if even the slightest thing goes wrong with the drone, it automatically lands at the nearest safe destination.

Technological advancements are a part of life, and the truth is that there are so many technologies we have today that we never thought would be possible. And these advancements are present in all areas of life. Just think about landing on the moon, or talking with a loved one on video chat, or all the diseases we are now able to cure thanks to technology.

And now we are going to be seeing flying cars. Imagine what someone 50 years ago would have thought about this becoming a reality. It makes us think of other modern innovations that people would have never believed. 50 years ago no one would ever have believed you could gamble without stepping into a casino, that we would be able to gamble at online casinos from the comfort of our own homes. Or that we'd be able to read the news, go on the Internet, pay our bills, play games, talk with loved ones and more, all with a device that fits in our pockets.


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