Published: Mon, April 10, 2017
Culture | By Stewart Greene

WWE App Spoils Two Huge Names For Superstar Shake-Up?

Through changing Stephanie out for Kurt Angle we've gone from multiple segments of Stephanie aggressively talking down to the wrestlers to the same segments being directly replaced with Kurt Angle comedy segments. The rosters need new feuds. World Wrestling Entertainment has not released details. It will not be a draft this time around. It's fantastic to see Kurt Angle back in the WWE and a good guy authority figure is often far easier to watch week to week, and the added element of Angle being incredibly amusing only help - especially because you know when he has to get serious, he's also one of the best at that. Regardless, this should be an interesting event.

AJ Styles is responsible for making Smackdown into the dominant brand that it is today. Every time they get on a streak of writing where the stories have logical cohesion and a three-hour Raw does not feel like more than half the show is filler, it alternately feels great, and makes you wonder why they can't always do that. Of course, WWE could remedy this by moving a Raw superstar.

What made the moment cool on the first Raw after Wrestlemania was that Vince McMahon brought out Angle after Teddy Long teased returning to the role of being a GM in WWE. That means that the Vaudevillains are no more.

Solution: Send Dolph Ziggler there to be the top star for a few months, along with new singles wrestler Aiden English and failed experiment Apollo Crews. Management needs to figure out how to keep him relevant. There have been a lot of great acquisitions of talents from Ring of Honor/TNA/New Japan that have either refined their craft or gained notoriety with WWE fans through NXT, or debuted right away on the main roster, and over a half-dozen that WWE has molded through the performance center essentially from scratch. The Superstar Shake-up kick starts this Monday. Aiden is unlikely to make it far. As reported by Sports Keeda, Lesnar is not scheduled to perform at Payback or appear on any episode of Raw until that event due to a number of dates he is scheduled to work in his contract.

Sometimes, performers get lost in the shuffle in WWE. If, as Triple H and the PR department insist, NXT is intended as just as viable a touring brand as "Raw" or "SmackDown", then it's only fair that some people come back. The "205 Live" show is already taped after "Smackdown", so it only makes sense to incorporate that group into that brand. That being said, the former TNA man has pretty much already achieved everything there is to achieve on the blue brand and outside of a feud with Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt there is nothing left for him to do. World Wrestling Entertainment really has nothing to lose by trying that. That gives then all something to do for a couple of months.

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