Published: Wed, April 12, 2017
Sports | By Nelson Rowe

Boxing legend Lennox Lewis says Mayweather v McGregor 'not a good fight'

Boxing legend Lennox Lewis says Mayweather v McGregor 'not a good fight'

For years now, his trademark catchphrases have become just as much a part of UFC's fight cards as the actual bouts themselves but what some perhaps do not know is that Bruce is the half-brother of Michael Buffer, the world of boxing's most famous announcer.

EDDIE HEARN has labeled the potential Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather fight as the "biggest boxing mismatch ever".

Bruce Buffer spoke recently about the unique opportunity a boxing and MMA crossover would give him and if we're completely honest, it sounds like a truly incredible idea.

When asked by TMZ Sports if he could see himself sharing mic duties with his brother for the would-be blockbuster event, Bruce cited the mic duties shared by his brother and Jimmy Lennon Jr. for the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight as proof enough that he could, and would, if given the opportunity.

"You know, again, anything's possible", Buffer said when asked about working alongside his brother. And Jimmy introduced Mayweather and Michael introduced Pacquiao. I mean, I would love to announce with my brother Michael.

However, Hearn, who promotes the likes of Anthony Joshua, Kell Brook, and Tony Bellew remains unimpressed and insists he has young fighters who would beat McGregor - although admitted he would jump at the chance to promote the Dubliner. Is it UFC? I mean, who are the powers that be calling the shots? I've watched (vision from) "The Dog House" (Mayweather's boxing gym), he just strikes me of a real bully-type character, he makes these guys fight each other endless rounds until one is badly hurt. Then we'll see. I mean, I would love to announce with my brother, Michael Buffer. But to do that (face Mayweather in a boxing ring) - what can I do except tip my hat to him that he's embracing this challenge he wants to fight one of the best boxers of all time. "This is just sport now and like I said, we grew up hearing you can't do that you can't do this and all the great challenges that Conor's risen to, this is just another one of those". "Of course I would, why wouldn't I?"

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