Published: Fri, April 14, 2017
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Mom's Side-By-Side Images Compare Pregnancy With Twins vs. One Baby

Mom's Side-By-Side Images Compare Pregnancy With Twins vs. One Baby

YouTube lifestyle and mommy vlogger Natalie Bennett, who has carried twins and is now pregnant with just one baby (a reverse Beyoncé, if you will), recently shared footage of her two bumps at the same stage of pregnancy - and people are freaking TF out over the size difference.

She recently shared a stunning side-by-side video showing the dramatic difference in belly size between her two pregnancies.

In the honest 16-minute video, the 24-year-old mom admitted that being pregnant with twin boys had been extremely hard, and listed all the ways in which she had suffered physically during her first pregnancy. While carrying twins, Bennett explained that her skin literally hurt as it stretched and she even developed PUPPP rash (a rash accompanied by moderate to severe itching occurring in approximately 1 out of every 150 pregnancies, most commonly in first-time moms and those carrying multiples) in the last part of her twin pregnancy.

"I had a huge torpedo belly sticking out like a freaking shelf". It was so heavy. In a recent video posted to her channel, she talked about all the differences she's noticed between her two pregnancies, Cosmopolitan reports. It typically begins on the abdomen and can spread to the rest of the body, as was the case for Bennett. She is now pregnant with a girl who is due on April 19.

Natalie Bennett/YouTubeWhen you're expecting a baby, by the very end of your pregnancy, you probably can't imagine being any larger or more uncomfortable - but then you think about having twins!

Memories The 24-year-old said her belly at the end of her twin pregnancy looked like a'torpedo and was'so heavy
Mom's Side-By-Side Images Compare Pregnancy With Twins vs. One Baby

'This pregnancy overall has been more convenient, ' she said.

Wild, right? Though both were shot at 36 weeks of pregnancy, add one more baby and wow!

Now that she has reached the end of her third trimester, the mom is experiencing fatigue, but she still said that her two pregnancies were like "apples and oranges".

"I have loved seeing and feeling my babies move around inside me", she told HuffPost.

Her skin, for one, hasn't had to stretch as much after carrying her twins.

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