Published: Sat, April 15, 2017
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United Airlines Passenger Describes Ordeal As Worse Than Experiences In Vietnam War

United Airlines Passenger Describes Ordeal As Worse Than Experiences In Vietnam War

United Airlines later issued a statement, explaining that Dr. Dao and three other passengers on the flight were selected to be removed from the overbooked flight.

United Airlines gave the couple flying credit as compensation for what happened on the flight, according to Bell's wife.

Delta Air Lines is moving to make it easier to find customers willing to give up their seats.

United is reaching out to the customer, the company said.

For comparison, the Transportation Department requires airlines pay passengers in exchange for being involuntarily bumped.

Other airlines said they were examining their policies.

None would describe their limits on paying passengers. "It's generally cheaper for an airline to proactively ask people to give up their seats because the compensation is usually less".

Last year Delta got more passengers to give up their seats than any other US airline, partly by paying more than most of the others.

Delta's changes mean that the airline can pay out more to avoid having to bump anyone involuntarily, but the carrier won't necessarily dish out bigger vouchers in all overbooked flight situations. Plus, the flight wasn't oversold.

John Slater, a United Airlines vice president, testifies at a City Council committee hearing in Chicago on Thursday, April 13, 2017.

Dao's lawyers filed an emergency request with an IL state court on Wednesday to require United Continental Holdings Inc and the City of Chicago to preserve video recordings and other evidence related to the incident, which would be a precursor to a lawsuit. United Continental CEO Oscar Munoz's initial attempts to apologize were roundly criticized. Munoz admitted that he was not happy about the incident but said that their employees follow certain procedures when faced with hard passengers and situations like this. And you saw us at a bad moment.

The public relations nightmare resulted in the suspensions of the three police officers. He said he couldn't imagine many situations in which people wouldn't jump at almost $10,000. Delta denied boarding involuntarily among the least in the industry, just once in every 100,000 passengers past year, or 1,238 times.

The almost five-figure compensation plan at Delta sounds generous, but tickets occasionally get that pricey. "Is that what we want as a society?" said Demetrio. Commenters accused the police of abuse of force, and the airline of racially profiling Mr Dao, who is Asian. (Was it only two weeks ago that two girls were barred from a United flight because they wore leggings?) Now, new reports allege that another United passenger was bitten by a scorpion while en route to Calgary.

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