Published: Sun, April 16, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

French prosecutor asks MEPs to lift Marine Le Pen's immunity

French prosecutor asks MEPs to lift Marine Le Pen's immunity

Le Pen, who dismisses the probe as a plot to derail her campaign bid, shrugged off the move.

A fringe candidate in the presidential election, far-left auto factory worker Philippe Poutou, used this to challenge her during a TV debate earlier this month.

Horse-trading would begin immediately after the May 7 second round runoff, with parties cutting deals to maximise their respective chances in the two-round June 11-18 parliamentary polls.

For the first time since her father founded the party in 1972, Marine Le Pen has an actual shot at delivering the French presidency to the National Front, the Guardian reports in a profile of the far-right candidate.

Far-right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen criticized President Donald Trump Friday for his sudden embrace of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

In a wide-ranging interview Friday on France Info radio nine days before the first round of the presidential vote, the 48-year-old anti-immigration candidate expressed disappointment at what she said was U.S. President Donald Trump going back on campaign promises, while focusing mainly on well-worn themes that most strike a chord with her electorate: Islam, immigration, national identity and terrorism.

The prosecutors sought the suspension of parliamentary immunity after Ms Le Pen used...

Their request is unlikely to be approved by European lawmakers before the two-round presidential election. While some analysts say a higher turnout would favor Macron and Fillon, BVA said the Le Pen and Melenchon could also benefit if young and working class voters cast ballots in high numbers.

Last month, the European Parliament suspended Le Pen immunity in another inquiry in relation with tweeting images of Islamic State violence.

Marine Le Pen is now in first place in the polls for the first round of the French elections vote but is still trailing heavily in all the potential second round run-offs.

If elected, Le Pen said she would "with great pleasure" meet with the pope and tell him exactly what she told La Croix. If Le Pen wins, she would enjoy immunity from prosecution as president.

The "judiciary truce" cited by Ms Le Pen, and by her conservative rival François Fillon, who is under investigation for corruption, has no basis in law.

She denied falsely hiring her bodyguard Thierry Legier and her chief of staff Catherine Griset, claiming that they were assisting her both in the European Parliament and with her party. Le Pen, who has pledged to put France's European Union membership to a referendum if elected, has vehemently denied any wrongdoing.

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