Published: Sun, April 16, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Trump tax return rallies held in Colorado

Thousands of protesters call on U.S. President Donald Trump to release his tax returns in downtown of Chicago, the United States, April 15, 2017. However, this is something that the president has refused to do so. He said that he couldn't release them because they were under audit, but then he even got to say that voters don't even care about that.

"Thanks to Trump, I think that releasing your taxes when you run for president now has to be a law", said New Yorker Marni Halasa, 51, who arrived in a tutu and leggings made of fake dollar bills and holding a sign that read "Show Me the Money!"

Protesters in cities across the country came out Saturday to call on President Trump to release his tax returns. It seems like he's getting away with.not paying his fair share. Earlier Senator Ron Wyde, an Oregon Democrat, said that Trump must stop the secrecy and that people have a fundamental right to know if the President pays his taxes. Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., said there's nothing that prevents the president for releasing his taxes but, "The simple truth is he's got a lot to hide." Sen. Democrat senator, Elizabeth Warren of MA, posted Friday a video pledging Congress to compel Trump to release his tax return as soon as possible.

For the past 40 years, every USA president and presidential candidate has released tax documents.

The figure - seen by some as the unofficial mascot for the protest - apparently meant to suggest that the Republican president was afraid, or chicken, to publish his tax records. "And there's all this talk about Russian Federation and conflict of interest".

"We march because it is in the best interest of the American people to know what financial entanglements and conflicts of interest our leaders have".

"We're here to say we care", said Ilene Singh, 71, who took a bus from New Jersey to attend the march along with her friend Geraldine Markowitz, 83.

The crowd in New York City stretched for blocks as speakers stood next to a giant inflatable rooster, bearing Trump's golden hairdo, on a stage in Bryant Park Saturday afternoon. However, he was not ignorant of the march that was being held across the bridge that divides West Palm Beach and Palm Beach.

Thirty-foot inflatable chickens will also go up at the marches in New York City and San Francisco, according to Kevin Donohoe, a Tax March organizer. However, some are not that hopeful. "Show your taxes, show your ties" as they walked. I've always said everything will take care of itself.

Still, the White House has not indicated Trump has any intentions of releasing his returns.

Saturday, the Electronic Privacy Information Center filed a lawsuit against the IRS for failing to release the president's tax returns in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.

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