Published: Tue, April 18, 2017
Culture | By Stewart Greene

J. Geils dies aged 71

After a "well-being check" at the musician's house at around 4 p.m. EDT, Geils was discovered unresponsive and was declared dead at the scene, police said in a statement. Police said he died of natural causes.

In later life, Geils released a series of jazz albums while indulging his passion for restoring and racing cars.

"Being part of the J. Geils Band was a lot of fun".

Paste would like to honor Geils' memory by sharing this 1977 concert that the J. Geils Band played at Winterland in San Francisco, which sees Geils and lead singer Peter Wolf in rip-roaringly good form.

In 1999 the band would play the occasional reunion shows, but in 2012 Geils officially quit the group and sued his bandmates for plotting a tour without him - using his band's trademarked name. Their second album, 1971's The Morning After, went to 64 and contained their first hit of note, Looking For a Love (1971 / #39). The band had a major hit in 1980 with "Love Stinks"-a favorite of film soundtracks for more than 30 years-before briefly launching into the stratosphere with "Centerfold", off of 1982's Freeze Frame".

Geils formed the band in the mid-60s under the name Snoopy And The Sopwith Camels while he was studying at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, but changed the name to The J Geils Band by 1969. Seth Justman came aboard later in time for the release of "The J. Geils Band" album in 1970.

Their most notable track, the "Centerfold" was released in 1981 and remains an '80s staple to this day.

It also made No 1 in the Australian music charts.

"This is our fourth nomination, and going through that process, with its inherent disappointment, you're not sure you want to take that ride again", Wolf, 71, told Billboard. I hope that we make it in. "R.I.P Jay Geils", Wolf wrote.

Tributes to Geils from fans, friends and fellow performers began to flood social media within minutes of the news of his death.

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