Published: Tue, April 18, 2017
Sports | By Nelson Rowe

LeBron James offers condolences to Boston Celtics All-Star Isaiah Thomas

Boston Celtics' point guard Isaiah Thomas played in The team's first-round playoff matchup with the Chicago Bulls, one day after his sister's death.

The report also said that some members of the Celtics organization may travel with Thomas to Tacoma for his sister's memorial services.

Thomas, whose sister Chyna, 22, died in a one-car accident near Seattle over the weekend, is expected to join his family in Washington after Game 2 in Boston.

Playing a day after 22-year-old sister Chyna Thomas was killed in a vehicle accident in their home state of Washington, Thomas led the top-seeded Celtics with 33 points and had six assists and five rebounds. Stevens said no funeral date has been set, but the Celtics plan to attend.

Thomas was brilliant on the court in Game 1, putting up 33 points and almost leading the Celtics back in the final seconds of a 106-102 loss. But I think the next extension of your family is who you're around every day and your team.

Thomas has received important emotional support from teammate Avery Bradley, a fellow Tacoma native who has known Thomas since they were both 11-years old.

Sometimes early losses like this can prove to be reality checks and motivators for good teams and Celtics fans are hoping this game was just that. "You don't know what kind of defensive coverage they're going to throw him tomorrow".

In that same time span for the Bulls offensively (give or take a couple seconds on the start and finish), Butler had five points, an assist and a block of a Thomas layup attempt. "Fantastic person. I couldn't help but be inspired by his play". "I don't understand what he's going through at all; just understand that all of our hearts do go out to him and his family".

Before the game, many on the telecast asked if the Celtics were going to be ready to play this game due to all the emotion that would be swirling around the building. Butler, for his part, said he isn't afraid to be physical with the smaller Thomas. I think he knows that, and I know the same about him.

Dwyane Wade, Jerian Grant and Bobby Portis defend Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas during Game 1 on Sunday. "This was hard, and I felt like our guys really dealt with it the right way".

Stevens left open the possibility of Thomas missing some time in the series, saying, "Whatever he needs to do, he needs to do, and we'll help him in any way"'.

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