Published: Wed, April 19, 2017
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Reasons Why cast get therapy dogs

In the show, Hannah's school responds to her suicide by posting suicide prevention posters around the building, having the school counselor speak with students who are affected by her death, and holding a seminar for parents.

Ms Douglas said the show also gave an unrealistic perspective on the repercussions of suicide and emphasised an unsafe "they'll be sorry in the end" view.

Critically, 13 Reasons Why has received generally favourable reviews, with a 76 rating on Metacritic. Porter the only character that remains constant between the book and the series.

A show-related featurette called "Behind the Reasons" elaborates on this idea. Suicide is a final act, the most final act possible, and you do not get to come back and tell your story one pithy episode at a time. "A drastic change in behavior, a drop in their grades, getting in fights with their peers or parents or authority figures, substance abuse-these are all different signs to look out for". It debuted on March 31, but has gained a considerable amount of viewers in recent weeks.

The gripping drama series has had viewers sitting on the edge of their seats, weeping into their tissues and hiding behind their cushions, but it wasn't just fans that were emotionally disturbed by the suicidal plot of the show as producers had adorable puppies brought in for the main stars to pat in between takes to ensure they didn't become depressed by the scenes.

Dorfman also shared a photo of him with Boe and Gomez with the caption describing his own struggles with mental health.

"You never have any idea", she said. Gomez and two of the cast members from the series recently got matching semicolon tattoos, meant to signify that life goes on after mental illness - an inspiration for the movement known as Project Semicolon.

Gomez and her co-stars got matching tattoos in honor of the central character of the Netflix series, Hannah Baker (played by Katherine Langford), who commits suicide after being bullied at high school.

In "13 Reasons Why", several characters face issues teens deal with on a daily basis.

"The leaving of the tapes and the narrative that "people will be sorry for what they did" plays into the idea that you can make people sorry or teach them a lesson through suicide". In the first episode, Clay falls off his bike and has a bandage on his forehead for the remainder of the series.

With so much focus on the romance, we lose the true tragedy of Hannah's suicide. The list emphasizes that Hannah's experience with her guidance counselor isn't "appropriate or typical".

The show does not attempt to gloss over the seriousness associated with mental illness and the path that led to Baker's death. The tapes are passed among those who wronged Hannah, eventually landing in the hands of Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette), who was Hannah's only true friend.

This serves as a way to hook parents of teenagers across the country who must be terrified wondering how much of these events are going on at their own children's schools.

Some episodes begin with warnings of graphic content, but the subject matter in every episode is hard and should be watched with discretion as some scenes can be triggering without warning.

Yorkey told that depicting Hannah's suicide was a deliberate choice.

"We worked very hard not to be gratuitous, but we did want it to be painful to watch".

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