Published: Wed, April 19, 2017
Business | By Max Garcia

Republicans fail to win congressional seat — Georgia

Republicans are bidding to prevent a major upset in a conservative Geor.

(AP Photo/David Goldman). A voter casts a ballot in a special election in Atlanta, Tuesday, April 18, 2017. That massive influx of cash, coupled with a lack of any other serious Democrats in the race and a disdain among many Republicans in the district for Trump's in-your-face style, made for a surprising opportunity for Democrats in the south - a region where the party has been decimated over the last decade. "Say NO", Trump tweeted Tuesday morning.

Results are in from Georgia's high-stakes special election to fill the House seat vacated by Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, and Democratic upstart Jon Ossoff finished on top, falling just short of an outright victory.

The Georgia special election for the 6th Congressional District will go to a runoff after Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff failed to reach more than 50 percent of the vote Tuesday night. In 2010, Republican Scott Brown took from the Democrats not just a traditional seat in the Senate but Ted Kennedy's seat, complicating the passage of Obamacare. Mr Estes, the former state treasurer, defeated Democrat James Thompson by seven percentage points in Kansas's 4th congressional district, a safe Republican seat. Eastern, Ossoff had about 50.3% of the vote, with only about half of the precincts reporting. He raised a stunning $8.3 million in the first three months of the year, fueling a robust campaign.

The president tweeted multiple attacks on Ossoff in recent days. "Bring it on!" he said. Despite the loss, Democrats touted their progress in the district; CIA Director Mike Pompeo won the race as a Republican in November by more than 30 percent prior to his appointment.

Handel has treated Trump gingerly throughout, rarely mentioning him unless she's asked and even then cautioning she isn't a "rubber stamp" for anyone. "But my to be the representative for the people of the 6th District, and that's what I believe regardless of who is the president". She easily bested rivals, like Johns Creek City Councilman Bob Gray, who ran as explicitly pro-Trump candidate but was a distant third as the night wore on.

The campaigns, advocacy groups and even the president himself moved quickly to frame Tuesday's outcome in their favor.

Karen Handel arrived to a hero's welcome at her election party in Roswell. Ossoff appeared to have built up a big lead early on in the night, but as totals trickled in, his share of the vote kept dropping.

And GOP candidates look to have won overall by a couple of percent in an election in which they were badly outspent and spent most of their time attacking each other while Ossoff got slobberly wet kisses from the media and a largely free ride from his GOP opponents.

At a local level, a runoff will also present a study in contrasts between Handel and Ossoff. "Glad to be of help!" wrote Trump on Twitter. Republican Karen Handel got almost 20 percent.

The House Freedom Caucus' goal-line stand in the Obamacare "repeal and replace" fiasco no doubt gave some confidence to Trump skeptics but there is nothing more likely to spur real Republican resistance to the White House than the fear of losing one's seat in 2018. He still engenders an intense loyalty among his core supporters but alienates many independents and even Republicans, leaving him unable to command a majority of the electorate.

"This is not a story about me".

Republicans have responded with millions of dollars of spending of their own, casting Ossoff as an inexperienced outsider who does not live in the area he hopes to represent.

Trump blasted Ossoff on Twitter and said in a robocall that the Democrat would "raise your taxes, destroy your healthcare, and flood our country with illegal immigrants".

Regardless of what happens in the June runoff, Democrats are not going to bottle that same level of energy and attention and put it in 435 districts in November.

Handel spends most of her efforts touting her record in public office, but makes a point to join in the Pelosi bashing.

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