Published: Fri, April 21, 2017
Health | By Jay Jacobs

Canada pushes back against Trump attack on Canadian dairy industry

What he didn't know is how soon the trade rules would affect sales.

"I'm getting more nervous because the plants are all full and they say they have nowhere for the milk to go", she said.

"I am asking, please, that dairy processors think through how they can handle this extra milk in the short-term in order to sustain the long-term success of Wisconsin's dairy industry", said Brancel. "Now that it's only 10, 11 days away, I guess it's starting to hit home harder". "It's your own responsibility, as a country, to manage your production", a spokesperson for Dairy Farmers of Canada told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel last week.

However, last spring Canadian milk producers came to a new agreement to price milk proteins, used for the same things as diafiltered milk, at a lower price.

Canada, meanwhile, said the problem is not being caused by Canada's dairy-pricing policies, but instead stems from a global glut of dairy products.

"We'd have some considerable challenges; we'd likely be out of business", said Ventnor-area dairy farmer Paul Henderson.

"In fact, the Canadian dairy industry is less protectionist than the American dairy industry", he argues in his letter.

He appeared to be taking dead aim at the industry, its coveted supply-management system long a sacred political cow in Canada, during an appearance in Wisconsin, a state he took from the Democrats with his "America First" anti-trade message.

Canadian dairy producers recently made a decision to collectively lower their prices in order to compete with cheaper, American imports.

Numerous companies that previously purchased ultra-filtered milk from Cayuga Milk Ingredients and other USA producers have made investments to manufacture the product on their own. Nevertheless, Canada deployed cabinet ministers, premiers and various trade officials to the explain how beneficial NAFTA is for all countries involved-Canada, the USA and Mexico. Trump's comments came shortly after he received a letter from Gov. Scott Walker and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who urged the president to take action after Canada's sudden change in dairy pricing policy resulted in almost 100 Wisconsin dairy farms being dropped from their suppliers. "What has happened to you is very unfair". There are fears among Canadians that they could be hurt as Trump targets Mexico in a re-negotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Millions have been spent on the new program implemented by the Canadian Dairy Commission. He suggested it has stalled his attempt to renegotiate NAFTA. "Because this will lead to lots of trouble on both sides of the border, we have the trouble now", Schumer said.

There's also what's called ultra filtered milk that is not subject to a tariff. But that's going to take time.

One change Ellis won't make is reducing the company's workforce. Essentially, the amount of milk and dairy products produced by farmers across the country is regulated by quotas meant to ensure the national supply matches the expected demand as closely as possible. "We've had a tough time on softwood lumber for 30 years", he said.

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