Published: Thu, April 20, 2017
Culture | By Stewart Greene

Here Are All the Airlines That Have Trolled United - So Far

Here Are All the Airlines That Have Trolled United - So Far

"I think United's going to say 'we asked him to leave and once he didn't comply then we're allowed to kick you off, but they do have 25 set rules, like drunk passengers, where they can kick you off, boarding their employees to take your seat isn't one of them".

Munoz had initially said the man had been "disruptive and belligerent" and staff were "left with no choice" in an internal email leaked to journalists. The apology came only after an overwhelming outcry on social media and a call to boycott the company.

"That shame and embarrassment was pretty palpable for me and for a lot of our family", the contrite chief executive told ABC's Good Morning America programme. "You're relying on the airline".

Over the weekend, United wanted four employees to get on a full flight from Chicago to Louisville so that they could work on a later flight. When nobody accepted the airline's offer of $800 to relinquish a seat, the airline chose four passengers at random. All but Dao agreed to leave. Screaming can be heard on the videos as Dao is dragged from his window seat and across the armrest, but he is not seen fighting with the officers. He appears relatively passive while being dragged. "And if you resist, we'll beat you so badly you'll be using your own face as a flotation device".

When asked whether he believes Dao was at fault in the situation, Munoz responded, "No, he can't be".

"Once you're there, it becomes tough to disengage". United acknowledged that passengers may have been less willing to listen to offers once they were seated on the plane.

He called it "truly horrific".

That's when three Aviation Department police officers boarded the plane. We wouldn't get (someone) off just because the airline wants them off.

No passengers on the plane have mentioned that Dao did anything but refuse to leave the plane when he was ordered to do so. Huffington first tweeted at the airline, writing: "Instead of involuntarily removing a passenger, Turkish Air assists in involuntary adding one", while sharing a story of a baby who was born during a Turkish Airlines flight. Two more officers were suspended Wednesday. Officials have refused to say what procedures should have been followed.

"Watching this makes my blood boil, I'll never fly United Airlines", said one Facebook user, Anh Trang Khuya.

Earlier this year, Munoz launched a scathing attack on Emirates and other Gulf airlines, claiming they threatened USA jobs and going as far as suggesting Americans had never heard of Dubai or the United Arab Emirates until Gulf-based carriers rose to prominence. But the bottom line, he said, is that the airline put the police officers in a hard situation by expecting them "to solve an issue that they had created". "He could not solve this issue the way the airline could".

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